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Stop 8: Beneath the Surface

About this stop

  • Location: Junker Auditorium Corridor
  • Artist: Stacy Hortner, Allentown, Pa.
  • Year: 2016
  • Medium: Mixed media fiber art
Part of a piece of art is seen. The work is by Stacy Hortner, Allentown, Pa., Beneath the Surface, 2016, mixed media fiber art.
From the artist, Stacy Hortner:

“My intention was to present a natural world of beauty, complexity and diversity.

“I made a three-layer base, quilted the layers together and bound the edges. I made each of the coral reef elements, most of which represent real creatures.

“The ground is quilted and the elements were constructed using a multitude of fiber-arts techniques.”

Part of a piece of art is seen. The work is by Ralph Gilbert, Atlanta, Ga., Healing in Art, 2019, oil on canvas.

Finding the next stop

Take the North Elevators to the first floor. Turn right and look for a sign on the left for Penn State College of Medicine. Follow the College of Medicine signs. The next pieces, “Healing in Art,” will be visible on the left. There are two sets – one before coming to the library and one after passing the library.

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